A Guide To Root Vegetables

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A Guide To Root Vegetables

A Guide To Root Vegetables

There is a root vegetable that I am quite partial to, I think of it as “the gazebo” of root vegetables. Root vegetables refer to plant parts below the ground’s surface including bulbs, vines, small trees, even flowers, leaves, roots of plants, etc. Although botany classifies all roots beneath the ground from non-rooted to rotted, the word “root vegetable” applies only to these kinds in culinary and agricultural use. This root vegetable list is my favorite, and I hope you enjoy it too.

My favorite part of the root vegetables list are the sweet potato. They are not only healthy for you, they’re delicious! They make an excellent base on which to spread some of the other great vegetable combinations you can create.

One of the most popular types of potato root vegetables is called the “potato salad” because of their versatility. Some people like to top their potatoes off with some salad dressing while others prefer to eat them plain. Whatever way you decide to eat your potatoes, you will find that these are among the healthiest vegetable choices around.

Along with sweet potatoes, I’ve mentioned the yams. They are one of the best choices when it comes to a great variety of dishes. From “mashed” potatoes to sweet potato and oatmeal mash, you can have plenty of options with yams.

Along with sweet potatoes, yams also make an excellent choice in the root vegetable list. I love to bake with them or boil them in water with some lemon juice or lime juice and some salt, which helps bring out some of the more flavorful characteristics of the fruit. Some people like to put a little cinnamon in the mix to bring out the flavors even further.

My favorite vegetable in the root vegetables list is known as the “sweet potato.” They are often eaten as a whole rather than mashed, which makes them very versatile. If you like to steam your potatoes, then this is probably one of the best choices.

A Guide To Root Vegetables

They are also good as a substitute when trying to come up with a quick and healthy snack.

Along with sweet potatoes and yams, carrots are another member of the root list. And, they are one of my favorites. You can cook them whole, cut into slices and put them on sandwiches or even eat them raw with salad dressings. While they may not be used in the traditional ways you see them used in recipes, carrots do provide an important part of the diet in many parts of Asia and are a great addition to any raw food diet.

There are lots more vegetables in the root list. Carrots, squash, beans and radishes are just a few that belong. If you aren’t sure about what kinds you should include in your diet, then take the time to do a little research.

A Guide To Root Vegetables

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