Welcome to the Air Ambulance Lottery

ByLucy M. Stanley

Welcome to the Air Ambulance Lottery

Every week a top prize of £1000 is won, so why not spend a pound and help save a life? Who knows, you may be the lucky winner of our top prize of £1000 in the Air Ambulance Lottery?

For full information on how to join our air ambulance lottery please view our “join lottery” page.

Kent Air Ambulance Trust do not use commercial companies for any fundraising including ‘face to face’ or ‘door to door’ approaches. This is carried out by volunteers and charity staff who receive no commission.

We do use external representatives solely to promote our Air Ambulance Lottery who are paid on a commission only basis. However, the average commission paid is less than 8% which we regard as excellent value and falls well within Gambling Commission Guidelines.

By taking part in our lottery, supporters have a chance of winning £1000 each week and £25,000 if they join our Superdraw.

There are many ways of supporting the charity such as becoming a volunteer, holding an event or by joining our lottery and we would like to reassure members of the public that 100% of any donation given is used to help save lives across the counties of Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Joining our lottery online by clicking here or by calling 01622 833833, will ensure that your entire contribution will go direct to the charity.

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