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Is Your Body Deficient With Vitamin A?

Is Your Body Deficient With Vitamin A?

Malabsorptive disorder is a medical condition where the human body is unable to absorb the nutrients and vitamins that it needs from the food it is eating. It can refer to just one kind of nutrient not being properly absorbed, such as protein, or it can refer to the whole spectrum of nutrients not being properly absorbed. The problem with malabsorptive disorders, then, is that they leave the person who has this disorder not getting all of the nutrients and vitamins that he or she needs.

The most important nutrient that is affected by malabsorption is the vitamin A. There are many ways a person can end up with this condition, but it usually occurs when people are eating foods that have too much of this vitamin in them. Foods such as carrots, celery, leafy green vegetables, and even fruits that are sweet are common culprits of malabsorption. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that plays many different roles in the body. If it is not absorbed correctly it can cause the body to get sick, which is why the deficiency of this nutrient can cause so many diseases.

Some people may be able to eat more foods that contain vitamin A than others, but if a person has this condition all of his or her food sources will generally be lacking. Even though people with this condition can eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, they will often have to eat more foods that contain artificial or man-made sweeteners or colors that do not naturally come from plants and seeds to compensate.

Malabsorptive disorders are a big problem in the United States. More people are dealing with some kind of malabsorptive disease every year. People in certain regions of the world, especially the United States, have a much higher rate of malabsorptive disorders. These disorders range from simply having a deficiency of this vitamin to having malabsorptions that happen in parts of the digestive system.

Vitamin A deficiency can lead to rickets, anemia, and a lot of other problems. Malabsorptions of vitamin A can lead to anemia, and other disorders. Vitamin A deficiency can cause skin rashes, arthritis, and even lung problems.

Most of the people who have malabsorptions of vitamin A have no idea that they have this condition until after it has already been diagnosed. Because the symptoms can be so severe and so apparent, people with malabsorptions often think that they are suffering from another health problem.

The most common form of malabsorption in adults is called pica. Pica is caused by a lack of absorption of iron in the digestive tract.

Is Your Body Deficient With Vitamin A?

Adults with pica sometimes have an eating disorder, which can include an inability to chew their food properly and a general loss of interest in food or an inability to feel full after they’ve eaten.

Some forms of malabsorption also lead to anemia, because the absorption of vitamin A from their foods is not enough to meet their daily requirements. These can lead to fatigue and anemia, which make it hard for the person to maintain an adequate amount of energy throughout the day.

In children, malabsorption can occur because the body cannot properly absorb some vitamins in certain types of food. The most common of these foods is milk, eggs, or cheese. If the body is unable to get the vitamin D it needs, then the child will usually develop rickets in the knees, hips, and other joints. If the body is unable to get calcium, then the child’s bones will become brittle and they will begin to break easily.

Some children can also have vitamin A deficiency that can cause anemia. They will often have low levels of this vitamin and they will have poor eyesight and an inability to concentrate on bright objects, because they have low amounts of the vitamin.

All of these problems can lead to an immune system that is weaker. Malabsorption disorders can result in more serious conditions such as an increased risk of cancer and diabetes.

It is important to know what to do if you suspect you have a deficiency in the vitamin A that your body needs. Your physician can diagnose it and can suggest the best treatment for your malabsorption condition.


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